Discovering Fulfilment Through the Ultimate Sacrifice: A Journey to ‘I Am Enough’

By Stew Darling

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Introduction: Finding Meaning in Sacrifice

In the heart of a dense forest, where determination and endurance met the relentless pursuit of excellence, I found myself standing among more than 50 individuals, all clad in sports gear. We were poised to embark on a gruelling journey known affectionately as ‘THE VOMINATOR.’ This harrowing circuit, riddled with hills and challenges, demanded that we complete each round faster than the last. As I took my first breaths, it felt as though my left lung had abandoned me somewhere along the path. No one had warned us about the intensity of that initial circuit; perhaps they feared we’d falter before we even began. Failure to keep up with the group meant an unsuccessful grading, and a one-way ticket back home, joining the ranks of countless applicants who hadn’t even received the coveted invitation to experience this ordeal.

The Essence of Sacrifice: A Path to Self-Discovery

For over six months, I had prepared myself for this week, yet here I was, still feeling inadequate. But that was the point, wasn’t it? We had all volunteered for one of the most rigorous selection courses in the world, with the hope of earning a place at ‘spy school,’ one step closer to engaging in covert operations. These four days were designed to push us mentally and physically beyond our limits. It required more than just motivation; it demanded discipline, where the dream we cherished far outweighed the discomfort we endured. It took us to a place of self-belief, where we could confront pain head-on and emerge stronger on the other side. We were ready to offer our Ultimate Sacrifice repeatedly for a cause larger than ourselves.

Realising ‘I Am Enough’: The Reward of Perseverance

By the end, over 35 boarded that train back to their units, while the rest of us proceeded to the main course. Most of these courses boasted single-digit pass rates, precisely because the standard had to be extraordinarily high. Only those capable of giving their utmost in the harshest environments, while still having the resilience to offer the Ultimate Sacrifice day after day, were fortunate enough to claim the prize: fulfilment. It was the realisation that “I am Enough.”

The Hidden Gift of Sacrifice: Moving Beyond Selfishness

Hidden within the depths of your Ultimate Sacrifice is a profound gift. I understand that sometimes giving your all, day after day, can seem thankless. It might even feel like nobody recognizes the extra effort you put in, or worse, that you’re being taken advantage of. In those moments, we aren’t truly giving our Ultimate Sacrifice; we’re being selfish. Deep down, we’re still focused on what we can gain from our service.

The Shift to Others: Finding True Fulfilment

When we shift our focus to others, all these feelings of inadequacy vanish. The remarkable thing about this shift is that we can physically feel the energy flowing from us and back to us. This is the gift of genuinely giving our Ultimate Sacrifice—we feel fulfilled.

Beyond Material Possessions: The Essence of Happiness

No longer do we seek happiness in material possessions. The happiness pursued in the developed world often lies in acquiring more things: larger TVs, faster cars, more luxurious vacations. While the act of buying can provide a fleeting sense of joy, we’re left wanting more. Those vacations are incredible, but the return to reality can be a rude awakening, and we’re already seeking our next “fix.” This kind of life can’t lead to true fulfilment.

Certainty in ‘I Am Enough’: Elevating Self-Belief

Fulfilment comes from addressing our deepest need: certainty. Certainty arises from the self-belief that we are enough. The only affirmation we require to move beyond the selfish, instant gratification of our world is “I am Enough.” Not only does this statement boost our self-belief, but it also propels us to hold ourselves to higher standards and make our Ultimate Sacrifice. When we know that “I am enough,” we unlock the power of giving.

Empowering Others: The Ripple Effect of Giving

Once we’ve embraced the belief that “I am enough,” we become the source of certainty for our families, our teams, and the world. By providing this support, our gift to these communities is the opportunity to discover a deeper level of self-belief within themselves.

The Cycle of Giving: Recognizing the Flow of Energy

In the early days of giving your Ultimate Sacrifice, it might feel like the flow of energy is one-sided, away from you. But if you lean in, you’ll sense that flow returning to you. It won’t always, and perhaps rarely, come directly from the person or group to whom you’re giving your Ultimate Sacrifice. Look for those moments of coincidence when you feel energised, when you experience joy—the unexpected gifts.

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