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Stew Darling and his team are dedicated to helping organisations and individuals build their leadership capabilities and establish a culture which grows leaders at every level within those organisations.

Create a Leadership Culture

Leadership starts with the individual and extends to the full team.

Use our Unstoppable Force suite of services to create the leadership culture you deserve, solve real problems within your team, and become the leader you wish you had been led by.

All of our programmes have an entry point and a development pathway for people looking to be unstoppable at any point in their career.

View the range of Unstoppable Force Services below.

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Find Your Leadership Launching Point

Our range of services take you from inspiration, to implementation, to leadership and beyond.

Seminars & Presentations

Stew Darling is a gifted and engaging public speaker. He can light the spark with a powerful keynote presentation or seminar.

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Leadership Coaching

Finally, your own New Zealand-based coach who has the expertise to help create powerful change in your business.

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Unstoppable Workshops

Workshops that work from a leader who has led. Become Unstoppable and establish the best vision for your organisation.

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Mentoring for CEOs & Boards

Let us help you and your organisation develop the system-wide leadership capability which guarantees success.

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The strength of Unstoppable Partnership

A passionate believer in sustainable leadership, Stew also draws on the skills and talents of his wife Liz as a wellness and health coach to ensure that your foundations for ongoing achievement are firm and support your ongoing wellbeing.

Stew can work with you in person and online to achieve maximum impact.

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Benefit from Stew's unique perspective on leadership

Love, service, relationships – yes those really are crucial to effective leadership. Do you want to experience what it’s really like to be a outstanding leader who people want to follow?

Be the leader you’ve always wanted for yourself. Contact us today and let’s get started.