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We can light the spark with a powerful keynote presentation or seminar.


Introduction to Leadership

The Unstoppable Force 90-minute “Introduction to Leadership” seminar is suitable for team members at all levels, not only those who have been identified as existing leaders. This is based on the belief that effective leaders create a culture of leadership from the ground up.

During the 90-minute seminar Stew will:

  • Help seminar participants to understand the three critical traits that all leaders have and help participants to distinguish between good and bad leaders
  • Show workshop participants how to recognise and harness the uniqueness of every team member to improve morale and increase productivity within their organisation

Ongoing training opportunities for future growth and development can then be arranged by mutual agreement.


Keynotes & Presentations

Compelling stories to prompt the thinking required to begin implementing sustainable leadership change within organisations and to help people to live their best lives.

Stew Darling is a gifted and engaging public speaker.

Stew draws upon his experience as a former Lieutenant Colonel in Military Intelligence and his 23-year career in the British Army running security, intelligence, and counter-intelligence operations globally to deliver a compelling keynote presentation at your conference or event.

Seminars & Keynote Presentations

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While in the military, Stew was responsible for thousands of people in a high-stress environment and never lost an operative. It’s fair – and accurate – to say that the foundations of his approach to leadership have been battle-tested.


From espionage to software – and everything in between – Stew has a firm grasp on what drives human performance. He brings energy, emotional intelligence, and a crisp delivery to his speaking engagements.


The strength of Unstoppable Partnership

A passionate believer in sustainable leadership, Stew also draws on the skills and talents of his wife Liz as a wellness and health coach to ensure that your foundations for ongoing achievement are firm and support your ongoing wellbeing.

Stew can work with you in person and online to achieve maximum impact.

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Seminars & Presentations

Love, service, relationships – yes those really are crucial to effective leadership. Do you want to experience what it’s really like to be a outstanding leader who people want to follow?

Be the leader you’ve always wanted for yourself. Contact us today and let’s get started.

Seminars & Keynote Presentations

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