My Journey to Quantum Leadership: Embracing Presence and Energy

By Stew Darling

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Throughout my life and career, I’ve come to realise that effective leadership transcends traditional management strategies. Instead, it hinges on two fundamental elements: presence and energy. In this narrative, I will share my personal journey in mastering these concepts and how they’ve transformed me into an unstoppable force in the world of leadership.

Discovering the Power of Presence

I vividly recall a time when my understanding of presence shifted dramatically. Years ago, before our relocation to Canada, a mundane task at the bank exposed the depths of my ignorance. Frustration and impatience seethed within me as I interacted with the bank teller, convinced that I needed to teach them a lesson. Unsurprisingly, it was a miserable experience for everyone involved.

However, life often grants us opportunities for growth, sometimes disguised as challenges. A few weeks later, I found myself in a similar situation at the bank, but this time, I approached it with humility and understanding. My demeanour was more composed, and I engaged the bank teller in a genuine conversation. To my surprise, the transaction unfolded smoothly, and everyone left the encounter content.

This eye-opening experience led me to ponder the true nature of presence. I learned that presence isn’t just about our physical presence; it extends beyond that. It’s about how we carry ourselves, communicate, and leave an impression on others. Albert Mehrabian’s studies on nonverbal communication helped shed light on this concept, emphasising that nonverbal cues often carry more weight than words themselves.

The Role of Presence in Leadership

As leaders, our physical presence sets the standard for our teams. When we’re in the room, our actions, behaviours, and standards become examples. However, it’s equally crucial to maintain our presence even when we’re absent.

In these moments, it’s our presence that ensures the continuity of the standards we’ve set and the values of our organisation. We must inspire our teams, make our expectations clear, and, when necessary, employ our autocratic leadership style to enforce the standards. Over time, this style becomes a symbol of unwavering commitment to excellence, and no one wants to fall short of it.

However, there’s a caveat: our presence can wane over time. The team may become complacent, and standards might slip. This doesn’t imply we can never take time off; rather, it highlights the importance of succession planning. Identifying those team members who uphold the standard during our absence is crucial for maintaining it.

Rallying the Troops: A Leader’s Role as a Beacon

Being a rallying point for the team is another facet of leadership I’ve come to appreciate deeply. The term “rally” harks back to mediaeval times when it was a call for knights to converge around their king. The king’s life was in danger, and their rallying to the standard was paramount. As leaders, we serve a similar role in ensuring the team remains unwavering even in challenging times.

Leadership isn’t just about setting a standard and walking away; it’s about being the unwavering point to which the team turns, especially when circumstances are tough. It means being a symbol of strength, reliability, and inspiration, akin to the mediaeval standard bearer.

Energy: The Quantum Powerhouse of Leadership

My journey in leadership has taught me the profound significance of energy. At a quantum level, everything, including us, is composed of energy. The frequency of our vibrations, which manifest as moods and emotions, affects how others perceive us.

When our energy aligns easily with others, they become our friends or close colleagues. However, not all energies naturally align, and those individuals might remain on the outskirts of our social circles. Nevertheless, as leaders, it’s our duty to raise the energy within the team.

Harnessing Energy for Team Success

Highly energised teams are unstoppable forces, characterised by love, gratitude, and long-term motivation. Their members stand shoulder-to-shoulder, holding themselves accountable to one another. Achieving this level of energy requires a simple approach: celebrate success and be gracious.

Effective leaders understand that energy is contagious. By exuding positive energy, enthusiasm, and passion, we set the tone for a motivated and inspired workforce. Our energy influences the team’s creativity, engagement, and willingness to take risks.

Leadership as a Responsibility

In the realm of leadership, every team member chooses to be part of the group. They buy into the higher standard and our vision. However, everyone has a bad day occasionally, which is entirely normal. The problem arises when those bad days accumulate into weeks. In such cases, addressing the issue is essential to prevent major team disruptions.

Having personal relationships with each team member is a crucial component of leadership. It enables us to sense shifts in energy and help them raise their vibrations when needed. By understanding the quantum nature of leadership, we can inspire our teams, lead with energy, and create vibrant environments where success thrives.

In conclusion, my journey in leadership has led me to appreciate the significance of presence and energy. Mastering these concepts has transformed me into an unstoppable force. By maintaining our presence, rallying the team in challenging times, and harnessing the power of energy, we can become leaders who inspire greatness and drive our organisations to unparalleled success.

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